"Dear Meera,
It is said that American Indians didn't allow their photograph to be taken because they would lose their soul to the camera. Truth or no, your camera captured the soul of our wedding and released it in these beautiful photographs. We have not lost our souls, we have been gifted them, by you. We are very thankful and happy for this.
With love and appreciation,
Judith and Tim"

"Dear Meera,
We are still thinking of you and all you have done for us. Your talent and generous spirit were such an addition on our wedding day. We can't believe how many photos there are! You captured every moment for us. We can't thank you enough for these beautiful memories."
Rachel and John

"....We really enjoyed working with you. You were so unobtrusive and professional. You let the day unfold without interrupting anything. Your being so organized and prepared for everything was also very helpful. Thanks for saving the day with your emergency safety pins, bobby pins, sewing kit, hedge clippers, powder and dental floss! I never would have known a bride might need all those things in one day."
Stephanie and Eric

"....Other people's pictures look so fake and set up compared to ours. Thank you for getting the real us on film. I had no idea we could look that good! You did a great job. We will recommend you to everyone we know who is getting married...."
Arlene and Richard

"....You really captured the essence of the day. When I look at my wedding photos I can remember how I was feeling in nearly every shot...I am so glad I hired a photojournalist. You are the best in the business."
Janice Pennington

"I interviewed 40 wedding photographers before I met with you. You outshone them all. Thank you for your artistry, your easygoing manner and your professionalism. All were an essential part of what made our wedding unforgettable."
Kevin Jensen

"Meera, you made everything so quick and painless and were cheerful throughout. All our guests commented on how hard you worked at our wedding, but you never looked tired! Thanks for your energy and the fantastic job you did. We love our photos. They really tell the story of the day, and the story of us."
Eleanor and Michael

"....I never anticipated that having the photos taken at our wedding would be so much fun. I was actually dreading that part, but you made us all feel so comfortable, and you made everyone look good!"
Jennifer Brandes

"Dear Meera,
What can I say? I'll never forget you holding my hand and talking me through my nervousness and nausea just before I had to go down the aisle. You stopped me from crying and saved my makeup, and I didn't throw up or faint when it came time to process. I don't know what would have happened if you had not been there. The photos are gorgeous, personal, and true to the spirit of the day. I'm so glad I hired you to be there. I had a feeling you would be great, but I had no idea in how many ways you would be helping me. Thank you a million times."
Amy Grayson












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